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Field Crops Improvement and Protection

Research Achievements
The works over several years, five varieties of rice (CARI Dhan 1, CARI Dhan 2, CARI Dhan 3, CARI Dhan 4 and CARI Dhan 5) developed by ICAR-CIARI were recommended by A & N State Variety Release Committee for general cultivation in the islands in 2009. Subsequently, two (CARI Dhan 1 and CARI Dhan 5) of them were notified by Govt. of India in 2017. Similarly, two bacterial blight resistant rice varieties (CARI Dhan 6 & CARI Dhan 7) for rainfed lowland conditions were developed and two varieties (CARI Dhan 8 & CARI Dhan 9) purified from popular local landrace, Aath number dhan (C14-8). Besides, other varieties like CSR 36, Ranjeet and Gayatri etc. have also been found to be high yielding with better adaptability and acceptability. On the other hand, five mung varieties (CARI Mung 1, CARI Mung 2, CARI Mung 3, CARI Mung 4 and CARI Mung 5) and two urd varieties (CARI Urd 1, CARI Urd 2) were developed under pulses improvement program for cultivation in rice fallows during rabi season. Likewise, two bacterial wilt resistant brinjal varieties (CARI Brinjal 1 and CARI Brinjal 2) and three oyster mushroom varieties (CARI Mushroom 1, CARI Mushroom 2 and CARI Mushroom 3) were also developed for Andaman and Nicobar Islands.
The diseases and insect-pests of various agricultural, horticultural and forest trees of Andaman and Nicobar Islands were surveyed and catalogued. The biology of bacterial wilt of solanaceous vegetables has been studied and suitable management strategies recommended. The production technology including spawn production for oyster and milky mushrooms has been developed and demonstrated through training programs. Among pests, salient achievements were made for the management of snails, rice stem borer, tomato fruit borer and rhinoceros beetle through baculovirus. Similarly extensive surveys were carried out to record and document the populations of fruit fly of fruits and cucurbits, insects of mangroves and butterflies in the Andaman and Nicobar islands. The Hindi version of Butterflies book Andaman ki Titliyaan has also been bestowed upon ICAR Award on Technical book on Hindi. Recently, two bio-formulations (CIARI- Bioconsortia and CIARI Gro-Pro) consisting of Bacillus spp. were developed for management of bacterial wilt disease and growth promotion in solanaceaous crops.
Varieties Developed
Rice: CARI Dhan 1, CARI Dhan 2, CARI Dhan 3,CARI Dhan 4, CARI Dhan 5, CARI Dhan 6, CARI Dhan 7, CARI Dhan 8 and CARI Dhan 9
Mung bean:CARI Mung 1, CARI Mung 2, CARI Mung 3, CARI Mung 4 and CARI Mung 5
Urd bean:CARI Urd 1and, CARI Urd 2
Brinjal: CARI Brinjal 1 and CARI Brinjal 2
Mushroom: CARI Mushroom 1, CARI Mushroom 2 and CARI Mushroom 3
Germplasm registered
Rice: ANR 38 (INGR 15014) for open floret type.
Brinjal: CARI Brinjal 1(INGR 12015) and CARI Brinjal 2 (INGR 21153) for bacterial wilt resistance
Farmers rice varieties registered at PPV&FRA:
Six rice landraces Khushbaya, White Burma, Red Burma, Black Burma, Mushley and Nyawin of Karen Community of Middle Andaman registered at PPVFRA, New Delhi as Farmers Variety in 2017.
Technologies developed
IPM module:Fruit fly management in Cucurbits and Fruit & shoot borer management in Okra.
Production technology: Oyster mushroom and Mushroom spawn production
Biological control of coconut Rhinoceros Beetle
Rodent control in paddy
Products developed
CIARI- Bioconsortia
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