Last Updated:23rd June,2022  

About Library

About Institute

CIARI library plays an important role in this island as a center for knowledge and information related to the institute’s mandate. It serves to fulfill the need of the scientists, research workers, students from local research and educational institutes of these island and mainland. Library has the facilities for on and off line information retrieval, networking and other accessories. During the span of three decades, the Library has grown in size to earn the reputation of having exhaustive collection of books and journals. The existing collection of books has extensive collection of resource materials in the fields of Horticulture, Field Crops, Natural Resource Management, Animal Sciences, Biotechnology, Fisheries Science, Social Science and many other related areas which are regularly enriched by adding more current, important scientific and technical books, journal through subscription gifts and on exchange basis. The library has a total collection of 7043 books and 2621 miscellaneous publication in addition to various journals database, technical books and others reference materials. The Library maintains a special section named ‘Island Special Section’, which is equipped with 490 books on different aspects of Andaman and Nicobar Islands, some of them are rare in nature. Beside special collection on Hindi literature are also available. The library has been maintaining 07 nos. of old and rare British publication ‘Memoirs of the Asiatic Society of Bengal’ from 1925-1935 (Digitize copy also available). The software ‘’KOHA’’ has been installed for digitalized accession to books and journals. The N.T. Singh conference hall at Library has become a main place where in meetings, seminar, and workshop are regularly convened.

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