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Division of Fisheries Science

Dr. S. K. Zamir Ahmed
Principal Scientist, Head (Act) & Nodal Officer, RS Minicoy
Dr. Kiruba Sankar R
Senior Scientist
Dr. K. Saravanan
Senior Scientist
Shri. D. Karunakaran
Dr. Praveenraj J
Dr. Y Gladston
Scientist, Posted at RS Minicoy
Dr. Ajina S M
Scientist, Posted at RS Minicoy
Shri. Chittaranjan Raul

Over the past four decades, the Division of Fisheries Science is working with a mandate on the collection, and characterization of aquatic germplasm and addressing the challenges towards ensuring food security through aquaculture and capture fisheries resources, and alleviating the challenges through technological interventions with the active support of stakeholders in Island ecosystems. The divisional scientists also focus their research works on studying sensitive marine ecosystems such as coral reefs, mangroves, and seagrasses and understanding their dynamics in relation to environmental changes considering the importance of these ecosystems in providing habitat to the finfishes and shellfishes. The division has its headquarters at Garacharma main campus with a freshwater ornamental fish culture unit, molecular biology lab, fish health lab, and a museum that has a wide array of collections of marine and inland faunal groups. Further, there is a full-fledged research laboratory at the Marine Hill campus to carry out mariculture-related activities such as ornamental fish culture, live feed culture, and a small-scale fish feed production unit which is at present used as an incubation facility for needy farmers. The freshwater complex at Bloomsdale and Garacharma farm has nine fish ponds like a nursery and brooder for the rearing of freshwater fishes such as Indian major carp. The division has developed technologies such as DWEEP Carp grower feed, DWEEP larval rearing of fancy guppy fishes that were commercialized at the Island level for the benefit of the stakeholders. The divisional scientists share a good rapport in research and extension activities with Andaman and Nicobar Administration and Krishi Vigyan Kendra to validate/demonstrate the technologies developed. The division has collaborated with many external funding/research agencies like DBT, DST, SAC, INCOIS, ILS, ISRO-RRC, NABARD, Ministry of Fisheries, Govt of India, NFDB, etc to carry out research and extension activities based on the specific needs of the islands. The divisional scientists have contributed vastly to the preparation of policy and roadmap for the development of Island fisheries in collaboration with the Andaman and Nicobar Administration. The scientists of the division were bestowed with prestigious awards like ICAR- Interdisciplinary Team Research award, Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed Award, Lieutenant Governor commendation, Best Scientist Award and Young Scientist award from various organizations and societies. At present, the division has scientists from the disciples of Fisheries resource management, Aquaculture, Fish health, Computer applications, and Agriculture extension.

Thrust Area
Coastal Bio-resource Management
Capture fisheries
Vulnerability studies of Island ecosystem and adaptive strategies to develop climate resilient agriculture
Transfer of technology, capacity building, policy support and market intelligence to stake holders
Marine Research Laboratory
Molecular Biology and Microbiology Laboratory
Ornamental Fish Production Unit
Fish Feed Production Unit
Mariculture (Wet lab -1, Wet lab -2)
Algal culture laboratory
Special equipments
Refrigerated Centrifuge
SCUBA Gears and accessories
Survey Boat
Laminar flow chamber
Hot Air Oven
Gel Electrophoresis Unit
PCR machine
Automatic Feed Pelletiser
Agricultural Technology Information Centre (ATIC)
Agricultural Knowledge Management Unit (AKMU)
Dweep Krishi Darpan
Conference Hall
Technology Developed & Commercialised
Dweep-Carp Grower Feed technology and incubation facility of fish feed production unit to M/s. Meyor Nature, Garacharma, South Andaman.
Dweep larval rearing technology for fancy guppies for commercialization

Commercialisation of Dweep-Carp Grower Feed technology & incubation facility of fish feed production unit

Technology Commercialization of Dweep larval rearing technology for fancy Guppy fish

Agriculture Education Day
Agriculture Education Day was celebrated from 15th November to 05th December 2022 in commemoration of the birth anniversary of Shri Rajendra Prasad, the first President of India. During the 21-day programme, various competitions on debate, painting, quiz, concept paper writing were conducted for school and college students; and photography competition for the staff of CIARI. Scientific teams visited various schools and interacted with the students about the career opportunities in agriculture and allied sectors. A Seminar Lecture by Dr. Lal Ji Singh, Joint Director and Head, Botanical Survey of India, Port Blair was organized wherein 200 students across 8 schools of South Andaman participated on virtual mode. Overall, 1,459 students from 18 schools and 6 colleges across South Andaman district participated in one or other events the programme. A similar programme was conducted at the Regional Station, Minicoy, Lakshadweep wherein 239 students participated.

Schedule Tribe Component
Exposure VIsit
Exposure visit on technological option in agriculture and allied field was conducted for nicobari tribal youth of Harminder Bay wherein 13 male and 12 female totaling to 25 youth participated. They were exposed to IFS, Horticulture farm, Animal Science, Marine ornamental fish & other activities.
Distribution of planting material and farm implements to PVGTs
During November- December 2022, 350 spice seedlings, 1640 fruit saplings, 200 Khurpi and 100 rosecan were distributed to 594 Jarawa tribes at Tirur, Jirkatang, Kadamtala and Inlet Bay; and 77 Great Andamanese at Strait Island.On 11th March 2023, inputs namely Vegetable kits -100 nos, Solar lantern-32nos, slashing knife-100nos and secature-32 nos were provided to Tribal Welfare Officer of AAJVS for distribution to Onge tribals at Dugong creek. On 21st March 2023 the Chief Secretary A & N Islands distributed the vegetable seed kits and farm implements to Onge tribals.
Distribution of Coconut Climbers to Tribal farmers
On 6-7th April 2023 Twin programme under the theme “Tribal empowerment” under the aegis of Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav (AKAM) was conducted on “Agricultural technologies for enhancing the income & nutritional security of tribal farmers and Income generating activity for tribal youth” under the STC by ICAR-Central Island Agricultural Research Institute in coordination with Zonal Agricultural Office, Nancowry at 4 tribal villages namely Upper Katchal, E-Wall, Meenakshi Ram Nagar and Japan Tikri of Katchal Island on 6-7th April, 2023. A total of 131 tribal farmers (95 males and 36 females) participated in the programme which includes 43 from Upper Katchal, 32 from E-Wall, 31 from Meenakshi Ram Nagar and 25 participants from Japan Tikri.
Training on “fisheries technologies for enhancing income of tribal for better livelihood” & input distribution at southern most island

ICAR-CIARI in collaboration with Zonal office of Department of Fisheries& KVK, Nicobar organized twin training programme on “Fisheries Technologies for Enhancing Income of Tribal for Better Livelihood and Input Distribution” on 06.03.2024 at Campbell Bay and 08.03.2024 at Pillpillow, Kamorta for the tribal fishermen under STC.During the training program on 06.03.2024 at Campbell Bay, Shri Barnabas Manju, Chairman, Tribal Council was the Chief Guest & Shri. Moses, Vice-Chairman, Shri. Albert, Captain, Pulobha, Shri. Timothy, Captain, Pilopanja, Shri. Patrick, Captain, Afra Bay, Shri. Titus, Captain, Pilobhabi graced the occasion.The Chief Guest appreciated the efforts of scientist of CIARI in reaching the tribal farmers to deliver the latest know how and do how in collaboration with the Andaman & Nicobar Administration. During the programme the experts Dr.S.K. Zamir Ahmed, Principal Scientist & Head (Act), Division of Fisheries, Shri. D. Karunakaran, Scientist & Mr. D. Xavier, AFDO delivered an interactive talk on different aspects of fisheries technologies, beside live demonstrationswere imparted on the usage of the appliance like ice box, safety jacket and head torch light. At the end 25 nos each of ice box, head torch light and 50nos safety jacket were distributed to the selected tribal fish farmers.Atotal of 50 tribal fishermen from 09 cluster of villages namely Makhachua, Pilopanja, Afra Bay, Pilobha, Pilomillow, Pulolo, Pilobhabhi, Rajiv Nagar –II & Kondul participated and got benefitted.

Similar training programme was organized at Pillpillow, Kamorta on 08.03.2024 by the team, wherein a total of 25 tribal fishermen participated. Shri Tanveer Hussain 1st Captain was the Chief Guest of the programme & Shri. Simon, 2nd Captain, Shri Lanamo, 3rd Captain, Smt. Promila, 4th Captain, Shri Mohammed Farooq, SIF of Zonal office, Department of Fisheries were present and spoke during the training programme. Over here also the tribal farmers were provided with 25 each of ice box, head torch light and 50nos safety jacket by the Chief Guest.

The highlight of both the training programme was in accordance with exposure visit of Captains to CIARI for getting exposedto different agriculture and allied technologies, so that the same can be replicated at their villages for livelihood improvement.

The team also visited six villages namely Joginder Nagar, Vijay Nagar, Rajiv Nagar, Laxmi Nagar, Gandhi Nagar, Sastri Nagar at Campbell Bay and five villages namely, Pillpillow Kakana, Vijay Nagar, Champin Chota enak, Bada enak at Kamorta to interact with the farmers and youths on adoption of CIARI technologies.

Glimpses of Activities
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