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Ongoing Institute funded Projects

S.No. Title Principal Investigator Co-PIs Budget (lakhs) Year of Start Year of Completion
Horticulture & Forestry
1 Conservation and Utilization of Coconut and Arecanut Genetic Resources of Andaman & Nicobar and Lakshadweep Islands for High Yield and Product Diversification B. Augustine Jerard V. Damodaran, I. Jaisankar ,S.K.Zamir Ahmed 45.00 2018 2023
2 Collection, Conservation and Evaluation of Commercial Fruit Crops of Andaman and Nicobar Islands K. Abirami V. Baskaran,B. A. Jerard,K. Venkatesan, D. Basantia 40.00 2018 2022
3 Collection, Characterization, Evaluation and Mass Multiplication of Unconventional Native and Exotic Fruit Crops for Bay Islands Pooja Bohra AjitArunWaman, T. Bharathimeena & S.K. Zamir Ahmed 28.95 2015 2021
4 Identification and characterization of superior germplasm of cinnamon, tejpat and long pepper under Bay Islands condition Ajit Arun Waman Pooja Bohra 49.25 2021 2026
5 Improvement of Vegetable and Tuber Crops for Andaman and Nicobar Islands B. Augustine Jerard I. Jaisankar,V.Damodaran,S.K. Zamir Ahmed,L. B. Singh 40.00 2018 2023
6 Development Collection, characterization and utilization of natural diversity of important Spice crops From Bay Islands and evaluation of their improved varieties Ajit Arun Waman PoojaBohra, T. Sujatha, L.B. Singh & V. Damodaran 26.57 2015 2021
7 Conservation, bioprospection and utilization of selected underutilized fruit species of Bay Islands Pooja Bohra Ajit Arun Waman, Deepitha R.P. 35.00 2021 2026
8 Quality planting materialproductioninhorticultural crops B. AugustineJerard , V. Baskaran,K.Abirami,V. Damodaran,I. Jaisankar,Ajit Arun Waman,PoojaBohra,S.K.Zamir Ahmed 45.00 2018 2023
9 Enriching Coconut Plantations of Andaman and Nicobar Islands through Augmentation of Indigenous Multipurpose Tree Resources I. Jaisankar B.Augustine Jerard, T. P. Swarnam & V. Damodaran 28.94 2018 2023
Field Crops Improvement & Protection
1 Genetic Improvement of Rice for Higher Productivity in Andaman and Nicobar Islands Conditions P.K. Singh T.Bharathimeena, S.K. Zamir Ahmed, K.Venkatesan 18.00 2017 2021
2 Enhancing Pulse Productivity of Andaman and Nicobar Islands through Development and Promotion of High Yielding and Stress Tolerant Varieties K. Venkatesan P.K. Singh, S.K. Zamir Ahmed 24.20 2018 2021
Natural Resource Management
1 Study of hydrological response for soil and water conservation in Island ecosystem Sirisha Adamala A.Velumurugan, T.Subramani, V. Damodaran 46.00 2019 2022
2 Management of moisture stress in vegetable cropping systems T. Subramani A.Velmurugan, T.P.Swarnam, Sirisha Adamala 34.3 2021 2023
3 Study of carbon foot prints in major farming systems of A&N Islands for climate change adaptation T.P.Swarnam A.Velmurugan, T.P.Swarnam 12.0 2020 2023
4 Valorization of organic wastes for abiotic stress management T.Subramani A.Velmurugan, T.P.Swarnam, SirishaAdamala 34.3 2020 2023
5 Development of novel biostimulants for enhancing crop production in island agroecosystem T.P.Swarnam A.Velmurugan, I.Jaisankar 44.5 2020 2023
Animal Science
1 Goat improvement through Assisted Reproductive Techniques in Andaman and Nicobar Islands P. Perumal A. K. De,R. R. Alyethodi,JaiSunder, D. Bhattacharya 37.13 2021 2024
2 Molecular Epidemiology of Rhipicephalus Microplus Complex in Andaman & Nicobar Islands and Screening for its Acaricide Resistance D. Bhattacharya Jai Sunder, K. Muniswamy, R.R. Alyethodi, Perumal P, Arun Kumar De 23.00 2018 2021
3 Pharmaco-Assessment of Ethno-Veterinary Medicinal Plants of A&N Islands for Poultry Diseases T.Sujatha Jai Sunder, D. Bhattacharya, A.K.De,K. Abirami 25.95 2018 2022
4 Selection and Breeding of Nicobari Fowl for Immunity and its Evaluation under Different Seasons T.Sujatha Jai Sunder, D. Bhattacharya, R. R. Alyethodi 26.50 2018 2022
5 Evaluation of reproductive performance and egg qualityof Nicobari fowl usingmolecular marker Arun Kumar De D. Bhattacharya, Jai Sunder, Perumal P, T. Sujatha 40.0 2018 2021
6 Nutrient intake and digestibility of the Andaman local and Nicobari Pigs in intensive system of rearing P. A. Bala A. K. De,P.Perumal 20.00 2021 2024
7 Biochemical and Molecular Mining of Hormonal Profiles of Buck under Abiotic Stressors and Managemental Intervention for its Mitigation Perumal P. A. K. De, R. R. Alyethodi, K. Muniswamy, Jai Sunder 34.17 2018 2021
8 Molecular Characterization of Immune System Genes of Nicobari Fowl K. Muniswamy A. K. De, T. Sujatha, D. Bhattacharya, Jai Sunder 37.13 2017 2021
9 Probiotics supplementation in pig health and immunity A. K. De D. Bhattacharya, P. Perumal,P. A. Bala 24.00 2021 2024
10 Identification of Genome-wide Molecular Signatures Responsible for Higher Fecundity in Andaman Local Goats Rafeeque Rahman Alyethodi Jai Sunder, A. K. De, D. Karunakaran, P. Perumal, P. A. Bala 27.0 2018 2022
11 Physical, Biochemical and Molecular Characterization of Semen in Pigs of Bay Islands Vis a Vis Study on Feasibility of Artificial Insemination Perumal P D.Bhattacharya, Jai Sunder, Arun Kumar De, R. R. Alyethodi 21.90 2018 2021
12 Prevalence and diversity of antimicrobial resistance in Enteribacteriaceae from livestock and poultry and its surrounding environmnet Jai Sunder A.K.De, S.Bandyopadhyay, T. Sujatha & D.Bhattacharya 23.00 2019 2022
13 Evaluation of hormonal and biochemical profiles of indigenous boar under abiotic stressors and melatonin intervention for its mitigation Perumal P A.K.De, R.R.Alyethodi & D.Bhatacharya 34.25 2020 2023
Fisheries Science
1 Prevalence of parasites infecting commercial marine and freshwater fishes of the Andaman Islands Praveenraj J R. Kiruba Sankar, K. Saravanan & Gladston, Y. 44.3 2019 2022
2 Seafood quality and safety assessment studies in commercial fish landings of Andaman Islands Sreepriya Prakasan Deepitha R. P, K. Saravanan, Gladston Y 57.3 2019 2022
3 Assessment of Elasmobranch Fisheries of Andaman Islands Gladston Y R. Kiruba Sankar, Ajina S. M, Deepitha R. P.& Benny Varghese 56.16 2019 2022
4 Biology and Population dynamics of major perch fishes of Andaman Islands Ajina S. M Gladston Y, R Kiruba Sankar,,SreepriyaPrakasan, S. Murugesan 48.14 2019 2022
5 Exploring the post-harvest utilization and market potential for value added products from commercial fish landings of Andaman Deepitha R. P Sreepriya Prakasan, Ajina S. M, & T Sujatha 56.7 2019 2022
Social Science Section
1 Indigenous Adaptation Strategies of Tribal vis-a-vis Non-Tribal Farmers and Impact of CIARI Technologies in Mitigating Climate Change Effects on Agriculture in Andaman & Nicobar Islands R.Jaya Kumaravaradan S.K. Zamir Ahmed, B. Augustine Jerard 45.0 2018 2022
2 Opportunities and challenges of sustaining agriculture in South Andaman district of Andaman & Nicobar Islands: A behavioural perspective S.K. Zamir Ahmed R. Jaya Kumaravaradan & L.B. Singh 32.0 2021 2023
3 Agricultural Information Sharing and Knowledge Generation Towards Sustainable Management of Island Ecosystem with Special Reference to Fishery by Developing Mobile Apps D. Karunakaran R. Kiruba Sankar 18.0 2018 2022
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