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Guest House

The Institute is about 1200 km away from mainland i.e. Chennai, Kolkata and Vishakapatnam. Our Institute is having a well-furnished and beautiful guesthouse at picturesque location, which is 8 km from the airport, 12 km from the harbour and 10 km from Port Blair city. On arrival at the airport or harbour taxis and private vehicles are available on hire @ Rs 100/- from airport and Rs 150/- from harbour to reach our Institute guesthouse.

Details of boarding and lodging are as follows:

As per proceedings of Guest House Mangement Committee meeting held on 14thFebruary, 2020, as in pursuance of Office Order No: F.No: 42-4/2019-20/ST/4885 dated:14.02.2020 and Office Order No: F.No. 42-4/2019/20/ST/GH/ dated: 03.12.2021:

Room Rent/ Bed Charges in view of Council Instructions and rates communicated by the GAC section of the ICAR: It was observed that the ICAR HQs has only communicated the rates of suites and Rooms on Room rent basis where normally a double bed is provided. However, in our guest we are also having very large rooms where more than two beds are placed and even in some cases (especially during high rush periods) the Guests demand additional beds/ matraces which may also be charged. Accordingly, all the Guest House Rooms are categorized into following three categories:

  • Standard Double Bed Rooms- Room Nos 1,3,4,6 & 7
  • Big / Family Rooms ( having more than two beds) - Room Nos. 2,5,8,9,12 & 13
  • Suite Rooms- Room Nos 10 & 11

  • As Per rates communicated by the council, we may charge rents on Room per day basis i/r/o/ Standard Double Bed Rooms and Suites. However, in case of Big/Family Rooms and additonal beds / matraces, we may charge rent @ 50% of the room rent charges as applicable for Standard Double Bed Rooms or Suite rooms ( as the case may be ). Accordingly, we may notify the rates as under :

    S.No. Category of Employees./Guests Suite Room/Day AC Room/Day Big/ Family Room/bed/day Non-AC Room/ Day Non - AC Big/ Family Room / bed/ day Extra charge/ additional bed/day Suite Extra charge/ additional bed/day AC Room Extra charge/ additional bed/day Non- AC Room
    1 Serving & Retired officers of NARS (ICAR/SAUs/CAUs) on Private visit 200 150 75 80 40 100 75 40
    2 Serving & Retired officers of NARS (ICAR/SAUs/CAUs) on Official visit 500 250 125 150 75 250 125 75
    3 Serving Officer of Central / State PSUs / Autonomous Organization / on Official visit or Private Visit 600 300 150 200 100 300 150 100
    4 Private Visitors ( Other than 1,2 & 3 above) 700 500 250 300 150 350 250 150
    5 Foregin Visitors ( SAARC Countries) 2000 1600 800 1400 700 1000 800 700
    6 Foregin Visitors ( Other than SAARC Countries) 3000 2500 1250 2000 1000 1500 1250 1000

    In case if AC is not working in any of the Room (s) then the room /bed charges shall be levied as applicable for Non- AC rooms only for the period during which AC is not working. It may be decided at the level of Guest House In- charge.

    For booking of accommodation please send a request letter in prescribed Guest House Request Proforma to the Director CIARI, Port Blair through mail ( We will send the confirmation/cancellation after getting your request to the person concerned. Preference will be given to ICAR employees. It is mandatory to submit the xerox copy of the identity cards before occupying the room.

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