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Dr. T. Sujatha

Principal Scientist, Division of Animal Science

Discipline Poultry Science
Research interests and current focus: Poultry Nutrition, physiology, disease
Research Experienced (in years): 15 Years
e-mail Id:
Mobile No +91 9531818976
Characterization and evaluation of pure short shank length Nicobari fowl based on segregation and selection and their evaluation and mass production for being transferred to tribal farmers of Car Nicobar to establish Nicobari fowl unit for further propagation at Native tract.
Documentation and characterization of Andaman local ducks
Certificate of Recognition 2021 – poster presentation on Herbal antibiogram with medicinal plants of Nicobari tribes against E.coli isolated from Vanaraja birds in A&N Islands in 2nd International Conference on Veterinary and Livestock , during March 19-20, 2021.
Certification of appreciation-oral presentation - T.Sujatha, D.Bhattacharya, Jai Sunder, A.Kundu, GayathriSamaddar and S.C. Mayuri. IPSACON2019. Durg. 11-13,December 2019.
Certification of appreciation-oral presentation in Indian Poultry Science Association S.C.Mayuri, Sujatha, T and Jai Sunder.IPSACON2019. Durg. 11-13,December 2019.
Certification of appreciation-oral presentation Indian Poultry Science Association SnehaBhowmick, Jai Sunder, Indranil Samanta and T.Sujatha. IPSACON2019. Durg. 11-13,December 2019.
Best poster : T. Sujatha, Arun Kumar De, Jai Sunder, A. Kundu , D. Bhattacharya, IPSACON2018. 15-17, November 2018,
Best poster : P. A. Bala, D. Bhattacharya, M. S. Kundu, S. K. Ravi, T. Sujatha, J. sunder, A. K. De, R. R. Alyethodi and A. Kundu, IPSACON2018. 15-17, November 2018
Best poster : Zachariah George, Sanjeev Kumar Singh, A. Kundu, Nagesh Ram, L.B. Singh, Jai Sunder, T. Sujatha, Sanjay Kumar Pandey, N.C. Choudhuri and D. Bhattacharya IPSACON2018. 15-17, November 2018
Best poster ; Zachariah George, A. Kundu, Nagesh Ram, L.B. Singh, Jai Sunder, T. Sujatha, Sanjay Kumar Pandey, N.C. Choudhuri, Sanjeev Kumar Sing, IPSACON2018. 15-17, November 2018
Best oral: P. Perumal, K. Muniswamy, A. K. De, D. Bhattacharya, Jai sunder, T. Sujatha, S. K. Ravi, R. A. Rafeeque, M. S. Kundu and A. Kundu. IPSACON2018. 15-17, November 2018
Appreciation certificate from tribal council, Harminderbay, Hutbay Works for propagation of vanaraja poultry at tribal farming community, 28.02.2019
T. Sujatha and P.A.Bala. 2020. Significance of Pubertal Booster Feed of Pullets in Layer House. Journal of Andaman Science Association. 25: 165-173.
Sujatha T and Shardul Vikram Lal 2020. Farmers’ education on advanced rural chick production with Mini incubator: a sustainable concept for entrepreneurship development in A&N Islands. Journal of Andaman Science Association. 25:197-202
Sujatha Tamilvanan*, Jai Sunder, K.Abirami, Gayathri S, S.C. Mayuri and SnehaBhowmick. 2020. Herbal antibiogram and antisporulation: In vitro assessment on bacterial isolates and Eimeriaoocysts from rural poultry in South Andaman. International Journal of Livestock Research. 10:170-177.
T SUJATHA, J SUNDER, A K DE, D BHATTACHARYA, S BHOWMICK and A KUNDU. 2020. Serum cytokine concentration in native Nicobari fowl of Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Indian Journal of Animal Sciences 90 (7): 1002–1005.
Sujatha Tamilvanan*, Anandamoy Kundu, Jai Sunder and Shardul Lal. 2019. Farmers’ Centric Indigenous Duckling Production Technology in North and Middle Andaman, India. International Journal of Livestock Research. 9: 126-132.
Jai Sunder, T. Sujatha, S. Bhowmick, S.C. Mayuri, A.K. De, D. Bhattacharya, P. Perumal, A. Kundu. 2021. Distribution of TET, AAC and CTX-M Genes among Antibiotic Resistant Escherichia coli Isolated From Poultry under Various Farming System of A and N Islands. Indian Journal of Animal Research. DOI: 10.18805/IJAR.B-4005 | Article Id: B-4005.
De AK, Sawhney S, Bhattacharya D, Sujatha T, Sunder J, Ponraj P, Ravi SK, Mondal S, Malakar D, Kundu A. 2021. Origin, genetic diversity and evolution of Andaman local duck, a native duck germplasm of an insular region of India. PLoS One . doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0245138. eCollection 2021.
ARUN KUMAR DE1, ZACHARIAH GEORGE1, SAMIRAN MONDAL2, P. PERUMAL1, K. MUNISWAMY1, A. KUNDU1, JAI SUNDER1, RAMACHANDRAN MUTHIYAN1, S. K. ZAMIR AHMED1, GAYATRI CHAKRABORTY1, T. SUJATHA1 and D. BHATTACHARYA. 2020. Tracing the genetic root of Trinket cattle: an endangered cattle population of a small isolated island of Nicobar group of islands. Journal of Genetics. 99:16
Sujatha, T., Sunder, J., Kannaki, T.R. and Kundu, A. 2017. In vivo effect of Andrographis panniculata nees and Morinda citrifolia on expression of toll-like receptors in indigenous Nicobari fowl. Indian Journals of Poultry Science. 52:357-360
Sujatha T, Abhinaya S, Sunder J, Thangapandian M, Kundu A (2017) Efficacy of early chick nutrition with Aloe vera and Azadirachta indica on gut health and histomorphometry in chicks, Veterinary World, 10(6): 569-573
Oil based Herbal Acaricide for veterinary use
Development of Aloe Vera N. based herbal eye drops to treat eye infection in Poultry
Development of balanced feed formula suitable for rural poultry using using locally available feed ingredients
Concept of mini incubator for rural poultry: Artificial hatching using mini incubator for desi birds was introduced in these islands for the improvement in production of desi eggs and chicks.
Azolla : As backyard poultry feed supplement in desi poultry, duck and Japanese quails.
Grommune: Developed Morinda citrifolia based herbal tonic for livestock and poultry as growth promoter and immnomodulator
Morical: Developed Morinda citrifolia based herbal feed supplement for poultry to improve the egg production and egg shell quality
Development of Herbal enriched egg
Production of Pigment Enriched Desi Chicken Eggs by Feeding of Tagetes erecta Petals
HPLC based method was standardized and developed for extraction and estimation of Andrographolide in serum collected from birds treated with A.panniculata
Development of Package of scientific rural poultry farming practices comprising of elevated housing, low cost balanced feed formulae, feeding management, artificial hatching and vaccination.
Data base of ethno veterinary medicinal plants of tribal farming community for poultry ailments of eye infection and Gastro intestinal problems
Database Haemato-biochemical profile of teressa goat : An indigenous goat of Andaman& Nicobar islands
Life member of ARS Scientists Forum
Life member of Andaman Science Association, Port Blair.
Life member of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants Association of India, Anand
Life member of Indian Society of Spices, Kozhikode
Life member of Indian Society of Plantation Crops, Kasaragod
Life member of Society for Promotion of Horticulture, Bengaluru
Life member of National Academy of Biological Sciences, Chennai
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