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ICAR-CIARI takes Stride & Celebrates Amrit Kaal as Year of Patent, Commercialisation, Breed Registration & Technology Certification

Republic Day_2024
Director ICAR-CIARI unfurls national flag at zero point

ICAR-CIARI, Port Blair celebrated the 75th Republic Day with great patriotic zeal and fervour on 26th Jan, 2024. Dr. E.B. Chakurkar, Director, ICAR-CIARI unfurled the tricolour amidst a larger gathering at zero point after paying floral tribute to the great leaders of India.

In his address, he appreciated the scientists and staff for the achievements made by the Institute during 2023 which has brought laurels to the Institute both at National & Island Level. On the occasion of the Nation celebrating the Amrit Kaal, he took pride in mentioning about the salient milestones achieved in the field of Patent, Commercialisation, Breed Registration & Technology Certification during the occasion i.e. four patent were granted in the field of Novel acaricide compositions for veterinary topical applications and the method of preparation thereof (Dr Jai Sunder and team), Dual procedure for preparation of liquid fertilizer and calcium alginate from brown seaweed by (Dr Swarnam and team), Parasitic egg concentrator by (Dr Debasis Bhattacharya and team) & Coconut leaf separator (Dr I. Jaisankar and team) . Moreover, six more patent were field for, closed water circulatory system, Cinnamon bark rubbing tool & Air layering bag by Dr Ajit Arun Waman and team and, AI Gun for Rabbit Model, Artificial Vagina for Rabbit Model, & Rabbit Semen Collector by Dr. E.B. Chakurkar and team.

Taking forward the output of the technology, Dweep Larval Rearing Technology for Fancy Guppy Fish (Dr. Praveenraj and team) was commercialized, four technology certification by ICAR was received for Dweep Tickure (Dr. Jai Sunder and team), Nursery protocol for endemic wild banana (Dr Pooja Bohra and team), Concept of Mini incubator for rural poultry (Dr. T. Sujatha and team) and Dweep Gau Maa Rakshak for Humpsore (Dr. P. Perumal and team). Further three new technologies namely Mango ginger paste (Dr. Pooja Bohra and team), Formulation for control of ectoparasite in farm and pet animals and Parasitic egg concentrator (Dr. D. Bhattacharya and team) have been submitted to the Aggrinovate for commercialization.

Iceing on the cake was registration of three breeds of livestock from this Island namely Andamani goat (Dr Jai Sunder and team), Andaman pig (Dr A K De and team) and Andamani duck (Dr. T. Sujatha and team). Beside registration of plant genetic resources i.e. Dwarf stature high yielding genotype with nutritionally rich fruit and seeds of noni.

Technology showcasing at Island and National level was done through conduct of numerous events like Kisan Mela 16th - 17th March (more than 400 farmers participated) ,World veterinary day (organized workshop on 28th April),Workshop on Agro-Ecotourism (22nd-23rd May), Interface Meet on documenting AnGR of A & N Islands & Conservation Unit of Teressa Goat ,International Conference (ICFPLS-2023) by PISRF & ASA and National Conference on Spices, Aromatic and Medicinal Plants for Economic Prosperity and Ecological Sustainability (SAMPEPES)-2023. The events could witness dignitaries from mainland, visit of the farmers from all the three districts, exposure to island students on agriculture and allied technologies & youths for entrepreneurship and agro eco-tourism.

Women contingent Smti. Kantham and Smti Champa Rani Das won medals at Zonal sports meet. Dr. R. Kiruba Sankar was awarded with LG Commendation certificate & Dr. C.V. Kulkarni Best Young Scientist Award for the year 2022-23 from ICAR-CIFE, Mumbai to Dr. K. Saravanan beside fellow and more than 20 best paper/presentation awards were bagged by the scientific team.

This year could also witness promotion/new entrants of the Scientists namely Dr. Jai Sunder selected as Head, Division of Animal Science, Dr. T.P.Swarnam selected as Head at Indian Institute of Farming system research, Meerut ,Dr. B. A. Jerard as Project Coordinator, AICRP-Palm at ICAR-CPCRI, Kasargod .,Dr V. Damodaran selected as Sr Scientist and Head, KVK, North & Middle Andaman, Dr. N. Bommayaswamy selected as Sr Scientist and Head, KVK, Old Goa,Dr. B.K. Nanda selected as Sr Scientist and Head, KVK, South Tripura ,Dr Santosh Kumar joined as Sr Scientist and Head, KVK, Nicobar and Five new scientists joined the Institute to strengthen the R & D and extension activities.

He also proudly mentioned about the publication of 56 Research papers in journal of repute, production of breeder seed: 4.96 tonnes, planting materials: 90000 and revenue generation of Rs. 53.78 lakhs till December. To facilitate good research practices modern goat and dairy shed was added to the institute new infrastructure.

He concluded his speech by congratulating each and every team member of scientific, administrative, technical and supporting staff in giving their utmost support in accomplishing the mandated programme in R & D and extension activities of the institute, KVKs and Regional station.

Regional Station, Minicoy of ICAR-CIARI, Port Blair, celebrated the 75th Republic Day. The National Flag was hoisted in the premises of the campus by the Scientist in-charge, Dr. Y. Gladston of ICAR-CIARI Regional Station, Minicoy, at 6:45 AM on 26th January 2024. The staff along with their families attended the program, which was conducted under the supervision of Dr. S.K. Zamir Ahmed, Principal Scientist & Nodal Officer, and the guidance of Dr. E.B. Chakurkar, Director CIARI.

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