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Mrs.Ajina S.M

Scientist, Regional Station, Minicoy

Discipline Fish Resource Management
Date of entry in ICAR: Scientist                02-07-2018

Research interests and current focus: Taxonomy, biology, and population dynamics of fishes, mud crab fattening, mariculture, live feed culture, shrimp breeding and brood stock development, Biofloc culture of fishes.
Research Experienced (in years): 3 Years
e-mail Id:
Mobile No +91 9820645172/9207440562
Principal Investigator
Biology and population dynamics of major perch fishes of Andaman Islands
Development and demonstration of mud crab fattening to improve the livelihood of fisheries at Andaman islands
Co-Principal Investigator
Assessment of Elasmobranch fisheries of Andaman Islands.
All India Network project on Mariculture.
Exploring the post-harvest utilization trends and market
potential for value added products from commercial fish landings of Andaman
Promoting livelihood and entrepreneurship through value added fishery products- An initiative aimed for women empowerment
Awarded first rank holder of ICAR-JRF (Indian Council of Agriculture Research- Junior Research Fellow) in 2014
Ajina S.M., Jayachandran, K.V., Landge, A.T., Gladston, Y. and Pavan-Kumar, A., 2019. Establishment of taxonomic status of MacrobrachiumindicumJayachandran amp; Joseph (Decapoda: Palaemonidae) through molecular characterization with a note on related species. Zootaxa, 4652(1), pp.zootaxa-4652.
Gladston, Y., Akhilesh, K.V., Thakurdas, C., Ravi, O.P.K., Ajina, S.M. and Shenoy, L., 2018. Length–weight relationship of selected elasmobranch species from north‐eastern Arabian Sea, India. Journal of Applied Ichthyology, 34(3), pp.753-757.
SriHari, M., Gladston, Y., Ajina, S.M., Sreekanth, G.B., Raghavan, R. and Jaiswar, A.K., 2020. Demographics of the endemic and threatened small cyprinid Pethiasetnai from the Northern Western Ghats, India. Marine and Freshwater Research, 71(7), pp.810-813.
Gladston, Y., Xavier, K.M., Ajina, S.M., Ravi, O.P.K., Devi, M.S., Chakraborty, S.K. and Shenoy, L., 2018. Operational performance and catch composition of pomfret gillnets of Maharashtra, India. Regional Studies in Marine Science, 22, pp.31-37.
Gladston, Y., Ajina, S.M., Praveenraj, J., Kiruba-Sankar, R., Bineesh, K.K. and Roy, S.D., 2020. First record of African Sailfin Flying Fish Parexocoetusmento (Valenciennes, 1847)(Beloniformes: Exocoetidae), from the waters off Andaman Islands, India. Journal of Threatened Taxa, 12(14), pp.17032-17035
Book and Book Chapters:
Haridas, H., Saravanan, K., Praveenraj, J., Sontakke, R., Gladston, Y., Ajina, S.M., Prakasan, S., Sankar, R.K. and Roy, S.D., 2019. Training Manual on Freshwater Ornamental Fish Breeding and Aquascaping Techniques.
Dam Roy. S and Ajina, S.M., 2019. Mangrove in Livelihood Security and Coastal ecosystem management. An Overview of Integrated Farming Systems of Coastal India, p.129.
Ajina SM, Gladston Y, Praveenraj J and Sankar RK (2021) Fish ID-An eBOOK: Commercially important marine fish landings in Andaman and Nicobar archipelago (Vol-I). ICAR-CIARI, Port Blair. 170 p
Others: (Technical Bulletins)
Vertical re-circulatory mud crab fattening unit
Marine ornamental fish breeding and brood stock development unit
Live feed unit at Marine Research Laboratory
Fish aggregating devices
Life member, Andaman Science Association, Central Island Agricultural Research Institute, Port Blair, A. & N. Islands, India
Andaman Science Association
Fisheries and life science life member
Indian fisheries association
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