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CIARI in News

Date & Published
ICAR-CIARI, Port Blair Celebrates its 45th Foundation Day
The Echo of India 24th June, 2022
Workshop on 'Impact of feed supplements in livestock and poultry' for Tribal farming Community at Harminder Bay
The Echo of India 24th May, 2022
Field day on "Fodder production strategies in Isles"
The Echo of India 14th May, 2022
Regional Station,ICAR-CIRI, conducted Beach Cleaning Drive, at Minicoy
The Lakshadweep Times 2nd May, 2022
Regional Station,ICAR-CIRI, conducts Sensitization on GMP in Coconuts, at Minicoy
The Lakshadweep Times 2nd May, 2022
ICAR-CIARI celebrates World Veterinary Day at Port Blair
Andaman Sheekha 1st May, 2022
Installation of Mini Incubator by ICAR-CIARI at Baratang
Andaman Sheekha 1st May, 2022
ICAR-CIARI conducts annual sports
The Echo of India 1st May, 2022
ICAR-CIARI staff bids farewell
The Echo of India 29th April, 2022
KVK-CIARI organises campaign on "Bharatiya Prakritik Krishi Paddhati"
The Echo of India 28th April, 2022
DoT A&N tests 361 out of 744 BTS till date Conducts EMF radiation awareness session
The Daily Telegrams 27th April, 2022
ICAR-CIARI conducts training on "Development of Byproducts from Fishery Wastes"
The Echo of India 17th April, 2022
ICAR-CIARI conducts Field Day on HYV of pulses under AICRP seed (crop)
The Echo of India 9th April, 2022
ICAR-CIARI to organize National Conference on 'Underutilized Horticultural Species-Abstracts invited from Island Scholars'
The Echo of India 9th April, 2022
Exposure visit on technological intervention for SHG's
The Echo of India 2nd April, 2022
ICAR-CIARI, conducts beach cleaning drive, at Minicoy, Lakshadweep
Andaman Sheekha 2nd April, 2022
ICAR-CIARI organizes training programme on "Demonstration of Agricultural and allied apps for enhancing production and income of tribal farmers"
Andaman Sheekha 2nd April, 2022
Regional Station, ICAR-CIARI, conducts sensitization on GMP in coconuts, at Minicoy, Lakshadweep
The Echo of India 1st April, 2022
ICAR-CIARI conducts tuber crops diversity fair wealth of ANI
The Echo of India 1st April, 2022
Nicobari farmers imparted capacity building training by CIARI Scientists
The Daily Telegrams 28th March, 2022
CIARI Scientists impart agricultural technologies, regenerative agricultural practices to Nicobari farmers at Carnic
The Echo of India 26th March, 2022
ICAR-CIARI commercializes 'Dweep tickure'- a herbal based formulation for control of ticks in livestock
The Daily Telegrams 12th March, 2022
Lal Pahad farmers sensitized on 'Promoting woody pepper cultivation in Isles' by ICAR-CIARI
The Daily Telegrams 20th February, 2022
ICAR-CIARI commercializes dweep-carp grower feed technology, incubation facility of pilot scale fish feed mill
The Echo of India 19th February, 2022
Farewell to CIARI Staff
The Echo of India 02nd February, 2022
success story on Horticulture based rooftop production model at Chimaya Mission
Andaman Sheekha 31st January, 2022
LG's commendation Certificate to ICAR-CIARI Scientist V. Baskaran
The Daily Telegrams 28th January, 2022
Computer literacy for Skilled supporting Staff of ICAR-CIARI gets underway
The Echo of India 18th January, 2022
Chairman & Members of Dept. related Parliament Standing Committee on Commerce on study visit to ICARI-CIARI
The Daily Telegrams 07th January, 2022
Blood fruit: a potential fruit cum natural colourant
The Daily Telegrams 06th January, 2022
Spice it up with Mango ginger!
The Daily Telegrams 03rd January, 2022
In-service training on organic farming concludes
The Daily Telegrams 02nd January, 2022
Resolving the mystery of Cinnamon
The Daily Telegrams 02nd January, 2022
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