Last Updated:01st Feb,2024  

Exposure Visit of officials of State Agriculture Department, Madhya Pradesh to ICAR-CIARI, Port Blair

On 31st January 2024 a team of nine officials from State Agriculture Department of Madhya Pradesh visited ICAR-CIARI & were exposed to various technologies like fresh water ornamental fish rearing techniques, GMP in livestock, modern goat shed, rabbitary, Andaman and Teressa goat unit at Animal Science Division, IFS model & Institute library.

Shri. J. Praveenraj, Dr Rafeeque R. Alyethodi and Shri. Talaviya HarshangKumar, Scientists coordinated the visit under the supervision Dr. S.K. Zamir Ahmed and guidance of Dr. E.B. Chakurkar, Director, ICAR-CIARI.

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