ITMU is a XI-Plan Scheme launched by ICAR on Intellectual Property and Technology Management (IP & TM) to develop an IPR culture in ICAR. To facilitate the same ICAR developed a three tier system for Intellectual Property and Technology Management. In this three-tier IP management system, various primary activities such as disclosure of IP contemplated or generated, patent/IPR/prior art search, patent/IPR application writing, filing of applications at the concerned granting authorities, pre-grant and post-grant follow up, offering/advertising for commercialization, commercializing, license fee/royalty collection, benefit sharing etc. are to be handled at the Institute level by the Institute Technology Management Unit (ITMU). The major objectives of ITMU are:

To pursue all IP protection, maintenance and transfer/commercialization related matters at the institute level as per the guidelines.

To seek any specific, case-to-case basis advice/assistance from the Zonal Agro-Technology Management Centres (ZTMCs) at the zonal level or the Agro-Technology Management Centre (ATMC) at the ICAR headquarters.

In 2006 ITMU at CIARI started as a project under PME cell and subsequently was made as an independent unit, under the direct administrative control of the Director , CIARI. Since then, it has been instrumental in compiling the details of CIARI technologies and presenting them in various Zonal Meetings-cum-Workshops, Entrepreneurs Meet & Agribusiness conference.
Notification for purchase of larval rearing technology
ICAR-CIARI commercializes 'Dweep tickure'- a herbal based formulation for control of ticks in livestock


Agribusiness Camp

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