About ASA:

Andaman and Nicobar Islands which are situated at Latitude 6o- 14o N and Longitude 92o-94o E, consists of 572 green emerald Islands, Islets and rocks; almost all the Island are oriented in the north south direction like an arc and stretch over a length of about 1912 Km. Most of the Islands have originated due to volcanic eruption in the sea and few of them originated by coral reef formation. All the islands are biological and geological paradise having indigenous biota of flora & fauna and geological wonders which are yet to be unearthed. To conduct research in these small and fragile islands, we have a number of scientific organizations who are doing focused research in different areas. However, there is no platform for them to present their research works which have local importance.

Andaman Science Association (ASA) was established in 1984 at CIARI, Port Blair with an objective to promote research and development in the unique Islands agro-ecosystem. ASA is an unique body that provides platforms for those associated with the management of tropical and islands agriculture, horticulture, fisheries, animal science, oceanographic and marine biological study, disaster management, issues related to science and technology, environment and forest etc. ASA intermittently organizes National and International seminars, conferences, knowledge sharing meets etc.


  • Provide and promote opportunities for contact and fellowship amongst Scientists interested/ engaged in different scientific pursuits.
  • Publish a journal in English which shall be called “Journal of the Andaman Science Association” and Bulletins, Reports, books and Newsletters as decided from time to time, for the advancement of the aims of the Association.
  • Hold seminars, symposia, colloquia and provide forum for interaction of different scientific and educational organizations working in these Islands.
  • Discuss inter-disciplinary R&D Programmes relevant to these Islands.
  • Undertake any activity that directly or indirectly serves the cause of the Association.