Central Island Agriculture Research Institute
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150th Birth Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi



last updated on 11th November 2020

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1. Notice inviting e-Tender under two bid system for construction of shade net house near sports ground at Garacharma under DBT-woody Pepper Project
2. Open bids are invited in Single Stage One bid system from firms for Annual Rate Contract for hiring mechanical excavator for Encavation of earth for construction of ponds,well,dressing/levelling of site in ICAR-CIARI
3. Corrigendum
4. Invitation of Open Tenders for entering ARC for Printing Jobs as per specification mentioned in the tender document through website www.eprocure.gov.in/epublish/app under two bid system from reputed suppliers.
5. Open bids are invited in Single Stage One Bid System from reputed firms for harvesting of Coconuts and Arecanuts from different farms of the Institute located in South Andaman District on Annual Rate Contract basis initially for the year 2019-2020
6. E-tender under two bid system from authorized dealer for entering into an Annual Rate Contract for supply of Animal & Poultry feed for ICAR-CIARI
8. Tender for providing and fixing PVC chain link fencing with M.S. angle posts in the pig farm of ICAR-CIARI, Port Blair under AICRP on Pig Project
9. Open Bids are invited in Single Stage One Bid System from reputed firms with adequate experience and financial capability for harvesting of coconuts and Arecanuts In English
In Hindi
10. Corrigendum of Farm Machineries and Equipments
11. E-Tender through the website http://eprocure.gov.in/eprocure/app under two bid system from eligible and qualified bidders for supply of Spectrophotometer