Central Island Agriculture Research Institute
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  • To provide a research base to improve the productivity of agri-horticulture, livestock and fisheries of Andaman & Nicobar and Lakshadweep group of Islands through basic, applied and adaptive research
  • Conservation, characterization and sustainable utilization of natural resources and harnessing through post harvest and value addition
  • To standardize technologies for health coverage and bio security of plant, animal and fishery resources
  • To standardize techniques for capture and culture fisheries including coastal aquaculture
  • Vulnerability studies of Island ecosystem and adaptive strategies to develop climate resilient agriculture
  • Transfer of technology, capacity building, policy support and market intelligence to stake holders


    Sustainable development in agri-horticulture, livestock and fisheries sector in the changing climatic scenario to ensure decent livelihood in the fragile island ecosystem



    Providing decent livelihood to farm youth from agriculture in a fragile island ecosystem on sustainable basis.



    The Island economy has undergone a sea change in recent past. From forest based and Government job based economy, it is shifting to tourism based economy. This shift requires a rethink on research programmes to meet the emerging challenges of inclusive growth and sustainable economy. With this in view, following focus has been envisaged for CIARI.


    • Development of suitable technological innovations for enhancing rice production and efficient processing to meet Individual Island level requirement in view of the forthcoming Food Security Act.
    • Reorientation of agricultural production system to meet the demand of perishable products, viz. milk, egg, meat, fish, fruits,vegetables and flowers with specific reference to demand of booming tourism industry.
    • Suitable processing and value addition technologies for organic farming system to market with a decoratively packaged Andaman brand organic farm products.
    • Development of suitable production to consumption level chain involving SHGs and retailers / armed forces / processors.
    • Conservation and bio-prospecting of biodiversity richness of the Islands.
    • Appropriate rain water management technology to create micro level water resources to increase irrigated area from present 3 % to a significant level.
    • Linking CIARI with other educational institutions for creating local level skilled human resources in field of agriculture and allied sciences.
    • Making CIARI a model for NARS of small island Nations and collaborating with them with special reference to post disaster restoration of agriculture.

Thrust Areas

  • Characterization and bio-prospecting of natural Island bio-resources
  • Climate proofing Island agriculture for improving productivity
  • Development of harvest - post-harvest management practices and value addition
  • Policy support research for agriculture development in the Islands

Beside three other programmes are

    • Flagship programme on Integrated agriculture system for eco-regions
    • Establishment of composite bio-security & quarantine facility
    • Tribal sub plan

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