Central Island Agriculture Research Institute

Regional Station, Minicoy, Lakshadweep

About ICAR-CIARI Regional Station at Minicoy

The ICAR-CIARI Regional station at Minicoy Islands, UT of Lakshadweep, previously known as “ICAR Research complex for Lakshadweep” was established in 1976, New Delhi. Consequently, after the formation of island zone, under the ICAR system, the station was merged with the Central Agricultural Research Institute (CARI), Port Blair, Andaman and Nicobar Islands in 1989. Later the station was under Central Plantation Crops Research Institute (CPCRI) in 1994 and again brought under the administrative control of ICAR- Central Island Agricultural Research Institute (CIARI) since 1st April 2017.

Minicoy, locally known as Maliku is second largest island in Lakshadweep, India. Along with Viringili, it is on Maliku atoll, the southernmostisland of Lakshadweep archipelago. The island is situated 425 km west of Vizhinjam Port (Thiruvananthapuramthe capital city of Kerala) and at a distance of about 400 km from Kochi (8°17’ North 73° 04’ East). It is connected by ship from Kochi and normally takes about 14-18 hours in a direct voyage. Originally it was a part of a Maldivian group of islands and still continues to share their language and culture.

The people of Minicoy are linguistically and culturally diverse from the rest of the islands in Lakshadweep and speak Mahal, a dialect of Dhivehi the language of Maldives and most of the people knows Hindi, Malayalam and Tamil languages. Agriculture-coconut plantation, livestock and marine capture fisheriesare the principle pillars supporting the livelihood in all the islands of Lakshadweep. Value added products like coconut vinegar and coconut jaggery from “neera” (sap extracted from coconut spathe) which creates an additional revenue generation from coconut plantation. Tuna pole and line fishing and masmin (a smoke dried fish product) production are the major activities associated with the fishing.

The regional station is located at South Bandaram 1.5 km from the passenger jetty on the main road side towards the Minicoy lighthouse. The station has an experimental farm at main campus, field laboratory and residential quarters in another three campuses nearby occupying a total area of 6.062 ha.

Mandate of the Station:

  • To provide a research base to improve the productivity of agri-horticulture, livestock and fisheries through basic applied and adaptive research.
  • Conservation, characterization and sustainable utilization of fisheries and other natural resources of Lakshadweep
  • To standardize sustainable techniques forharvest, post-harvest and value addition of agriculture and allied sectors.
  • Transfer of technology, capacity building, policy support and market intelligence to stakeholders.

Land use pattern in blocks at station

  • A- Lakshadweep ordinary +Fruits and vegetables as intercrop
  • B- Germplasm block (12 accession) + Lakshadweep ordinary+ Cucurbits
  • C- Lakshadweep ordinary +Lakshadweep micro + LCOD + Animal component.
  • D- Lakshadweep ordinary + vegetables plot
  • E- Hybrid palm + fruit crops
  • F- Lakshadweep ordinary + Banana plot+ nursery plot.
  • G- Naturally crossed hybrids + hybrid palms + vegetable plots + fodder plot
  • H- * LCOD + Tuber crops
  • *Plots located in residential campus

Extension activities:

Technologies developed by the centre have been transferred to the stakeholders and depicted at various fora and melas. Demonstration technique of promising practices have been established at the centers farm. Exhibition and scientific interaction are regularly organized to facilitate farmer scientist interaction.

Facilities available:

  • Experimental farm 5.02 ha
  • World coconut germplasm block with 12 accessions of both local and exotic origin.
  • Demonstration ofmini-incubator facility
  • Demonstration of duckery, turkey, goatery and cattle units
  • Laboratory cum administrative building

Staff Details at Regional Station, Minicoy
Name Designation E-mail id Phone No.
Dr.Y.Gladston Scientist in Charge Gladston.Y@icar.gov.in Phone and Fax: 04892-222228
Dr. Ajina.S.M Scientist (FRM) Ajina.M@icar.gov.in (+91) 9820645172
Shri.Shareefudeen Hassan.K Technical Assistant Shareefudeen.HK@icar.gov.in (+91) 9447983966
Shri. Arif.M.I Sr. Technician Arif.MI@icar.gov.in +(91) 9497547454

Contact Details: (For Regional Station)

Scientist in Charge ICAR-CIARI, Regional Station,

Light House Road

Minicoy Island

PIN 682559

Mail: ciari.rsmcy@icar.gov.in

Phone and Fax: 04892-222228

Mobile: 8108986153


Contact Details: (For Head Quarter)

Dr. Eaknath B. Chakurkar , Director

ICAR-Central Island Agricultural Research Institute

Bathubasti, Garacharma P.O Port Blair -744 105

Andaman & Nicobar Islands

Phone No: 03192- 250341/ 250436 (O)

Email : director.ciari@icar.gov.in

Dr S.K.Zamir Ahmed

Principal Scientist & Nodal Officer

ICAR-Central Island Agricultural Research Institute

Bathubasti, Garacharma P.O Port Blair -744 105

Andaman & Nicobar Islands

Mobile No: 9434262869

Email : Zamir.Ahmed@icar.gov.in