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Brief Introduction

Name Dr.Velmurugan
Designation Principal Scientist (Division of Natural Resource and Management)
Mobile No 03192-250239/250238, 03192-251319
E-mail Id: vels_21@yahoo.com
Area of Specialization: Soil Science
Research Experienced (in years):
Ongoing Projects:
  • Effect of Vermicompost on nutrient dynamics and yield of vegetable crop.
  • Strategies for sustainable management of degraded coastal land and water for enchancing livelihood security of farming communuties
Awards/ Recognition:
  • outstanding contribution in teaching/research/preserntation by International Tropical Ecology society.
Technology /patents: developed
  • Compodute of organic waste and enrichment under island condition.
Training attended (National / International):
  • Nil
List of publications
  • Gailoway , J.N Dentener, F.j., Abrot, Y.P, Dadhwal, V.K and VEl Murugan, A (2008), The Environment Reach of Asia, Animal Rev, Environ. Resource 33:16,1-16,21
  • Nisha Wani, Velmurugan, A and Dadhwai, V.K (2008).. asesessment of agricultural crop and soil carbon pool in Madhya Pradesh. Trop. Ecology, 49
  • Praveen K. Thakur, Velmurugan, A and Hari Prasad, V(2998), Automatic Extraction of Information using remote sensing data, hydrology Journal, 34(1&2); 65-75
  • Swarnam, t.p and A.Velmurugan(2012), pesticisde residues in vegetable samples from Andaman Islands, India, Enviroment monitoring and Asessment, DOI; 10.1007/s10661-012-3012-3.
  • Swarnum T.P., A. Velumurugan and Y.S Rao (2004), Characterization and classification of some soils from Sahibi basin in part of Haryana and Delhi. Agropedology, 14(2): 114-122.
  • Swarnam T.P., A.Velumurugan, N.Ravisanker, R.Raja, S.Ghosal chopudhari and B.L Meena(2009), Soil fertility classification as a tool for sustainable management of soils of island ecosystem, J.Indian Society of Coastal agriculture Res. 27(2):1:4.
  • Velmurugan, A.Dadhwal, V.K and Abrol, Y.P(2008), Regional N Cycle: Indian perspective. Current Science, 94(11).
  • Velmurugan, A, Gopal Krishan, Dadhwal, V.K., Suresh kumar, Swarnum, T.P. and Saha, S.K (2009), Harminizing, soil organic carbon estimates in Historical and current data , Current Science , 97(4):554-558.
  • Velumurugan, A., T.P Swarnum and N.Ravisankar (2006), assessment of Tsunami impact of south Andaman using remote sensing and GIS, journal of Indian Society of Remote sensing 34(2):193.202.
  • Velmurugan, A., T.P.Swarnum, Praveen K.Thakur and N.Ravisankar (2008), Soil erosion modeling in Dhanikari watershed , south Andaman..Indian Journal of soil conversation. 36(3): 179-187.