Central Island Agriculture Research Institute
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150th Birth Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi

National Horticulture Fair-2021

Brief Introduction

Designation Principal Scientist (Division of Natural Resources Management)
Mobile No +91 9679541781
E-mail Id: swarna_8@yahoo.com
Area of Specialization: Soil Science
Research Experienced (in years):
Ongoing Projects:
  • AICRP on Integrated Farming Systems (P.I)
  • Baseline survey to ascertain the present status of chemical residues in soil, water and agricultural products and its regular monitoring (P.I,)
Awards/ Recognition:
  • ICAR- Senior Research Fellowship for PhD by ICAR, New Delhi
  • Qualified NET-1998 (National Eligibility Test) in ‘Soil Science-Soil fertility/chemistry/microbiology), ICAR-ASRB, New Delhi in 1998
  • Best Women Scientist Award
  • Fakrudin Ali Ahmed Award for research on tribal farming systems by ICAR, New Delhi in 2016
Technology /patents: developed
  • Developed three location specific farming system models for island conditions. These models are disseminated to the farmers field through other institute / project activities. In the tribal areas 36 Homestead based IFS models have been demonstrated (disseminated).
Variety / Breed developed:
Training attended (National / International):
List of publications
  • Velmurugan, A., Swarnam, T.P., Krishna Kumar, Sakthivel, K., Rachael. and Sarojini, R. (2015). Evaluation of Trichoderma Isolates for Induced Soil Salinity Stress Management in Egg Plant. Trends in Biosciences 8(6):1595-1601.
  • Swarnam, T.P. and Velmurugan, A. (2014). Evaluation of coconut wastes as an amendment to acid soils in low input agricultural system. Communications in Soil Science and Plant Analysis. 45(8): 1071-1082
  • Swarnam, T.P. and Velmurugan, A. (2013). Management of acid soils of Andaman for maize production using locally available organics. Journal of the Andaman Science Association 18(2):135-141.
  • Swarnam, T.P. and Velmurugan, A. (2014). Potential of Organic Wastes as Liming Materials in Low Input Rainfed Agricultural System. Journal of Agricultural Science 6 (8):1-9.
  • Swarnam, T.P. and Velmurugan, A. (2013). Pesticide residues in vegetable samples from the Andaman Islands, India. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment, 185:6119-6127.
  • Swarnam, T.P., Velmurugan, A. and Saravana Kumar, V. (2015). Studies on Tribal Farming in Nicobar Islands, India. IOSR Journal of Agriculture and Veterinary Science 8(1):41-49.
  • Swarnam, T.P., Velmurugan, A., Zacharia George and Dam Roy, S. (2014). Integrated farming system for sustainable livelihood in tribal areas of Nicobar Island, India. Journal of the Andaman Science Association 19(1):19-22.
  • Velmurugan, A, Swarnam, T.P, Tulsi Pawan Sai and Dam Roy, S. (2015). Traditional farming and post harvest processing of coconut by Nicobari tribe. Indian Journal of Traditional Knowledge, 14 (2):
  • Velmurugan, A., Swarnam, T.P. and Rattan Lal, (2015). Effect of land shaping on soil properties and crop yield in tsunami inundated coastal soils of Southern Andaman Island. Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment 206:1–9.
  • Velmurugan, A., Swarnam, T.P., Ambast, S.K., Ravisankar, N. and Subramani, T. (2014). Land degradation and its spatio-temporal changes induced by natural events in Andaman Islands. Journal of the Andaman Science Association 19(1):65-74.