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Brief Introduction

Name Dr.T.Subramani
Designation Scientist (Agronomy), Division of Natural Resource and Management
Mobile No +91 9933201438
E-mail Id: tsubbu10@gmail.com
Area of Specialization: Agronomy
Research Experienced (in years):
Ongoing Projects:
  • Water and nutrient management for capsicum through drip system under protected cultivation.
  • Farmers Participatory Action Research Programme for water productivity enhancement.
Awards/ Recognition:
  • Nil
Technology /patents: developed
  • Nil
Variety / Breed developed:
  • Nil
Training attended (National / International):
  • Nil
List of publications
  • Ambast, S.K., R.C.Srivastava, T.Subramani, Subash Chand and N.Ravisankar. 2010. Design of drop spillway in undulated terrains for rain water management in Kajunallah watershed of Andaman & Nicobar Inlands. Indian Society of Coastal Agriculture Research, 28 (2):51-55.
  • Bommayasamy, N., Ravisankar N.and T.Subramani. 2010. Influence of non monetary inputs on growth and yield of rice. Indian Journal of Agronomy 55 (2):95-99.
  • Raja, R., N.Ravisankar, S. Ghoshal Chaudhuri, S. K. Ambast, Subash Chand, M. Din, Babulal Meena, T. Subramani and Zamir Ahmed. 2012. Effect of supplemental irrigation on yield and water productivity of dry season crops in Andaman and Nicobar inlands. Indian Journal of Agricultural Sciences 82 (1):122-126
  • Ravisankar, N., M. Balakrishnan, S. Ghoshal Chaudhuri, S.K. Ambast, R.C. Srivastava, T. Subramani and N. Bommayasamy. 2010. Evaluation of time, method of sowing and varieties for table purpose groundnut (Arachis hypogaea) under Island ecosystem. Indian Journal of Agricultural Sciences 80 (4):299-303.