Central Island Agriculture Research Institute

Other Sections

Hindi Cell

For the successful implementation of the official language policy and the target fixed in the annual programme, efforts were made for doing maximum work in official language.

PME Cell

The PME works as nodal point for prioritization, monitoring and evaluation of the projects of the institute. Besides, it has facilitated the conduct of IRC from 28th to 30th June and 11th July, 2012 in the presence of four eminent Scientist Dr. S.D. Tripathi, Former Director, CIFA & CIFE, Mumbai (as an Expert in the Fisheries), Dr. C.L. Acharya, Former Director Extension Education (HPAU, Palampur) & Indian Institute of Soil Science(ICAR),Bhopal (as an Expert in Soil Science), Dr. R.K. Singh, Ex-Director(Research), NDUAT, Faizabad (as an Expert in the Field Crops) and Dr. W.S. Dhillon, Director,Punjab Horticultural Post Harvest Technology Centre, PAU Campus, Ludhiana (as an Expert in Post Harvest & IFS) with an objective to give first hand information and orientation to the fellow scientist on the field experiments conducted. Fifty two ongoing projects and nine new projects totalling to sixty one were presented by the Scientists.