Central Island Agriculture Research Institute


Natural Resource management Division

  • Chemical Analysis Laboratry
  • Post Harvest processing Lab
  • Agronomy and Agro Forestry Lab



Horticulture and Forestry Division

  • Tissue Culture Lab
  • Flori Culture Lab
  • Bio-Chemistry lab



Animal Science Division

  • Tissue Culture Lab
  • Bio-Chemistry lab

Field Crops Division

  • Plant Tissue Culture Laboratory
  • Biotechnology Laboratory
  • Molecular Breeding Laboratory
  • Plant Pathology Laboratory
  • Insect Repository

Fisheries science division

  • Marine Research Laboratory
  • Hydrography laboratory
  • Fisheries Informatics and Instrumentation facility
  • Molecular biology and Microbiology lab
  • Mariculture (Wet lab -1, Wet lab -2)