Central Island Agriculture Research Institute


Division of Field Crop Improvement and Protection
Development and release of five rice varieties viz; CARI Dhan 1, CARI Dhan 2, CARI Dhan 3, CARI Dhan 4 and CARI Dhan 5
Identified Bacterial wilt resistant line of Brinjal, CARI-Brinjal1 for the islands

Division of Horticulture & Forestry (Germplasm registration with NBPGR)
A. Registration of germplasm
Items Year Details
Registered an indigenous orchids Eulophia andamanensis with NBPGR 2001 INGR No. 03041
Registered an indigenous Mangifera griffithi with NBPGR 2004 INGR No. 04060
Registered an indigenous Mangifera andamanica with NBPGR 2004 INGR No. 04122
Registered Noni Morinda citrifolia with NBPGR 2005 INGR No. 05028
Registered wild cashew nut, Semicarpus kurzii with NBPGR 2006 INGR No. 06022
Registered Alligator apple with NPPGR 2011 INGR No. AG01
B. IC Numbers

a. Noni (36 accessions)

About 36 accessions of Morinda citrifolia were sent to NBPGR and got the IC numbers viz., GAH-1 (IC0590891), SPG-2 (IC0590892), MEM-3 (IC0590893), JGH-5 (IC0590894), HD-6(IC0590895), PBAY-7 (IC0590896), MANJ-9 (IC0590897), CAL-10 (IC0590898), HBAY-11(IC0590899), LH-12 (IC0590900), CHTAP-13(IC0590901), FRG-14(IC0590902), NESAH-15(IC0590903), WAND-4(IC0590904), TRA-1 (IC0590905), TRA-2(IC0590906), HD-6A (IC0590907), FF-8(IC0590908), HBAY-11A(IC0590909), MBAY-16(IC0590910), CHLD-17(IC0590911), BRJ-18(IC0590912), MHP-19(IC0590913), CHTAR-13 (IC0590914), hdt-6B (ic590915), GBJ-2 (IC0590916), BB-2 (IC0590917), BP-23 (IC0590918), BN-24(IC0590919), MK-25 (IC0590920), LH-1 (IC0590921), BRJ-19 (IC0590922), DS-27 (IC0590923), NIC-13 (IC0590924), NIC-5 (IC0590925), SALINE-1 (IC0590926).

b. Karanja (7 accessions)

Pongamia pinnata (7 accessions) were submitted to NBPGR and got the IC numbers. (IC-0589037, IC-0589038, IC-0589039, IC-0589040, IC-0589041, IC-0589042 and IC-0589043).

c. Tuber Crops

Sixteen tuber crops germplasm were sent to NBPGR and got the IC numbers viz., CARI-SP1 (IC-0592094), CARI-SP2 (IC-0592095), CARI-DA-1 (IC-0592096), CARI-NIC-GY-1 (IC-0592097), HB DB-1 (IC-0592098), CARI-C-1 (IC-0592099), CARI-C-2 (IC-0592100), CARI-SAC-1(IC-0592101), CARI-SAC-2 (IC-592102), HB Xan-1 (IC-0592103), CARI-DT-1(IC-0592104), HG-EFY-1(IC-0592105), CT-EFY-2 (IC-0592106), CARI-SA-EFY-1(IC-0592107), CARI-NIC-EFY-1(IC-0592108), CARI AR-1 (IC-0592109).