Central Island Agriculture Research Institute


last updated on 06th February 2021

T. R. Dutta

 Dr. T. R. Dutta

 Tenure: 23rd June, 1978 to 12th December, 1983

N.T. Singh

 Dr. N. T. Singh

 Tenure: 13th December, 1983 to 15th February, 1988

R.N. Pal

 Dr. R. N. Pal

 Tenure: 15th February, 1988 to 5th May, 1988

 Director (Acting)

A. K. Bandyopadhyay

 Dr. A. K. Bandyopadhyay

 Tenure: 5th May, 1988 to 1st March, 1999

T. V. R. S. Sharma

 Dr. T. V. R. S. Sharma

 Tenure: 1st March, 1999 to 24th May, 1999

 Director (Acting)

S. P. S. Ahlawat

 Dr. S. P. S. Ahlawat

 Tenure: 24th May, 1999 to 16th October, 2002

R. B. Rai

 Dr. R. B. Rai

 Tenure: 16th October, 2002 to 11th December, 2005

 Director (Acting)

R. C. Upadhyay

 Dr. R. C. Upadhyay

 Tenure: 12th December, 2005 to 9th July, 2006

 Director (Acting)

R. C. Srivastava

 Dr. R. C. Srivastava

 Tenure: 10th July, 2006 to 7th July, 2011

S. K. Ambast

 Dr. S. K. Ambast

 Tenure: 8th July, 2011 to 26th April, 2012

 Director (Acting)

D.R. Singh

 Dr. D.R. Singh

 Tenure: 27th April, 2012 to 17th August, 2012

 Director (Acting)

D.R. Singh

 Dr. S. Dam Roy

 Tenure: 18th August, 2012 to 17th August, 2017

Dr. A. Kundu

 Dr. A. Kundu

 Tenure: 18th August, 2017 to 31th August, 2019

Dr. B. Gangaiah

 Dr.B. Gangaiah

 Tenure: 01st September, 2019 to 05th December, 2019

Dr. B.A. Jerard

 Dr. B.Augustine Jerard

 Tenure: 06th December, 2019 to 28th April, 2021