Central Island Agriculture Research Institute

Events - 2021

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Women SHG members enlightened
horticultural diversity through Surabhi
Awareness programme on Scientific
Backyard Farming conducted
Value addition programme for
cut flower organised
Mega Farmers-Scientists Connect Meet
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Vigilance Awareness Week 2021 Director visits North &
Middle Andaman
CIARI conducts Interaction with
Custodian Farmers of Karen
Training-cum-awareness on
“Management practices in
rice seed production
dweep sale field day roof top roof top
Dweep Sale Point at ICAR-CIARI CIARI conducts Field Day for
upscaling to stakeholders
Launching of roof top production
model for horticultural crops
ICAR- CIARI, conducts Management
techniques on Andaman Padauk
dweep sale field day roof top roof top
CIARIEWA bids farewell to
Shri. Sushil Kumar Singh
CIARIEWA bids farewell to
Shri. K. Gopi and Shri. Ujwal Toppo
ICAR–CIARI & KVKs conducts
Farmers Scientists interface
ICAR-CIARI commercialises “Dweep HanGreens”
dweep sale field day roof top roof top  
Director, ICAR-CIARI, emphasized
on value addition of Spice
ICAR-CIARI & KVKs conducts
Nutri-Cereals Multi-stakeholders
Mega Convention 3.0
CIARI conducts Training on
Application of Biotechnological
tools in goat and rural poultry
ICAR-CIARI conducts Awareness
Prog. on Plantation Crops
dweep sale field day cs roof top
ICAR –CIARI & KVKs conducts
Kisan Gosthi
75th Independence Day
Celebrated at ICAR-CIARI
Chief Secretary, A & N Administration,
Shri. Jitendra Narain, IAS visited ICAR-CIARI
Celebration of International
Day of Yoga, 2021 at ICAR-CIARI