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Success Stories

Last updated: on 29th October, 2021

Success Story of Mr Vikas Lall, a successful progressive goat entrepreneur

Shri. Vikas Lall, aged 28 years, an enterprising youth from Cofee Bagicha, South Andaman associated with ICAR-CIARI in 2019 and started commercial goat farming. He constructed goat shed in an area of approximately 1000 sq meter with concrete flooring and raised platform by using slatted flooring material. He invested approximately Rs 7.50 lakhs including the cost of shed and goats. He started the goat farming with 16 does and one male (which was provided by ICAR-CIARI for upgradation of the germplasm). Before starting the goat farming he was not having proper scientific knowledge about the goat farming. Therefore he approached the ICAR-CIARI and underwent training on goat farming.

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Success Story of Smti. Monica Talukdar, a women goat farmer

Smti Monica Talukdar, aged 45 years, a progressive women goat farmer from Jaipur Village, Nimbudera, North & Middle Andaman has been rearing goat since last 13 years. Her husband is farmer and doing agriculture activities viz.paddy follwed by vegetable cultivation. They are earning approximatley Rs 1.2 lakhs from the agriculture activities. From goatery they are earning approxamtley Rs. 25000 to 30000. Presently, she is having a total of 22 goats which are being maintained in raised type low cost wooden/bamboo shelter. She was adopted under the Goat Imrpvoment proejct since January 2019. Since then she is showing very much interest in scientific goat rearing and is in regular contact with ICAR-CIARI for technical advice for improving the productivity of her goats.

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Success Story of Mrs. Meenakshi, a progressive farmer

Smti. Meenakshi, 37 years old, a hardworking progressive farmer from Indiranagar village. Her husband was a driver and due to some health issue he stopped driving. They a small agriculture land of approximately half acre. To support the family, she started backyard poultry farming in 2014 along with other agricultural activities. She was rearing vanaraja with unit size of 20-30 nos and was having desi birds of 50-60 nos. Due to high mortality (60-80%), she suffered huge economic loss. She had no knowledge on marketing of eggs and birds and on treatment of affected birds. She decided to close the poultry farming.

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Success Story of Mr Chandan Biswas, a progressive goat entrepreneur

Shri. Chandan Biswas, an engineering graduate started goat farming at Mithakhari, South Andaman in consultation with Animal Science Division, ICAR-CIARI, Port Blair in 2018. He constructed raised goat shed with locally available bamboo and low cost materials. He started with 27 female and 2 male and the present stock has been increased to 73 in two year. He is practicing all the scientific and management as per the guidance of Scientists of ICAR-CIARI. He has adopted the azolla feeding, mineral mixture supplementation, regular deworming, scientific breeding, management of urine and dung by converting into compost, fodder cultivation, etc. He has also started Vanraja with 250 nos and supplying home delivery of egg, meat to the Port Blair city. In addition to the goat and poultry he has successfully converted the agro-bio waste generated from his farm into organic manure. He is selling manure @ Rs 20 per kg. During the last one and half year he has sold 15 goats for meat purpose with average body weight of 22-25 kg for Rs 500 to 600 per kg live body weight. He has also sold one breeding buck (32 kg body weight) for Rs 900 per kg live body weight.

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Success Story of Mr Bimal Baghi, a successful goat farmer

Shri. Bimal Baghi, a farmer from the remote village of Baludera, Baratang associated with the ICAR-CIARI goat improvement project since 2018. He is cultivating paddy, followed by vegetable in his 2 acres of lands and rearing goats since last 15 years. Before joining in the project he was having 12 goats. From the paddy and vegetable cultivation he is earning Rs 1.5 lakhs annually and managing his family of 5 members with the income. From the goat he used to earn approximately Rs 30000 to 35000/- annually by selling of goats.

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Name of the farmer: Smti. Joyshana Rana (28 yrs)
Address: Nayagaon, Port Blair, South Andaman
Phone: 9679506908

Smti Joyshna Rana, A successful poultry farmer

Smti Joyshna Rana, a successful poultry farmer, started backyard poultry in 2015. She had no knowledge on vaccination, housing and feeding of birds. She used to suffer huge economic loss due to high mortality of 40-50%. Her husband is a daily wages labour. She lost interest and quit poultry farming. Her family was in financial crisis and even she could not able to spend money for their children education.

She heard about the fellowship programme of DBT Biotech kisan hub in 2019 and joined training at CIARI for one month under DBT Biotech kisan hub and acquired skill on vaccination, medication, feeding and overall scientific management of rural poultry. Since then, she started practicing as per scientist’s instructions and constructed raised housing for poultry. As per the advice she started vaccinating birds for Ranikhet disease (RD) and Infectious bursal disease (IBD).

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Name of the farmer: Smti. Binitha Singh (26 yrs)
Address: New Wandoor village, South Andaman
Phone: 9933272310

Smti. Binitha Singh , A successful Desi chicks farmer

Smti Binita Singh, 12th pass lady lives in New Wandoor village, South Andaman district in joint family of five members. Her husband is a daily wages labour. She is having a small rice cultivation land (less than one acre).

She was having 15-20 backyard desi birds and thought of increasing the numbers to get some additional income. However, due to non-availability of desi chicks and high mortality in birds due to Ranikhet disease and Infectious bursal disease, she could not able to increase the flock size. During 2019 she contacted ICAR-CIARI and underwent one month training under DBT-Biotech Kisan Hub on poultry farming, mini incubator and goat farming. After gaining knowledge and skills on operation and maintenance of mini incubator for artificial hatching and its establishment under the Biotech kisan hub, she is hatching desi eggs in mini incubator with charging cost of Rs 10 per egg. Her own backyard poultry flock size increased to 50 numbers per month. Presently, she is earning Rs. 2000 to 2400 per month through hiring cost of hatchable eggs in the incubator. Earlier she had no income from backyard poultry that were for home consumption only.

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Name of the farmer: Smti. Rani Anbumalar (46 yrs)
Address: Shoalbay, South Andaman
Phone: 9531879289

Smti Rani Anbumalar , A successful backyard poultry farmer

Smti Rani Anbumalar, a widow with two children residing in a remote village of South Andaman. She has been involved in agricultural activities at very small level and rearing backyard poultry farming. Due to lack of scientific knowledge on poultry farming, she used to suffer huge economic loss.

She joined one month farmers’ fellowship programme and gained knowledge on scientific farming practices of both goat and poultry farming. One mini incubator has been established in her field as demonstration unit for supply of rural poultry chicks to her village. She constructed a shed to establish the mini incubator. After scientific interventions, she has achieved 80-90 % survivability in rural poultry. Using mini incubator, she has increased her rural poultry farm size to 50 birds per month. She has converted the mini incubator unit to incubation center by providing hatching facility to other farmers @ Rs. 15 per egg. She is collecting hatchable eggs from other farmers, hatching them out and selling them @ Rs.100 per chick after two to three weeks after completing two vaccines. She is getting net income of Rs 7000 to 8000 per month through this business. With the net profit she started goat farming with construction of low cost goat shelter and flock of 5 goats and one superior buck.

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Name of the farmer: Smti. Ashima Adhikari (32 yrs)
Address: Dukenagar village, Middle Andaman
Phone: 9434279054

Smti. Ashima Adhikari , A successful farmer from N & M Andaman

Smti. Ashima Adhikari, is a resident of remote village of Dukenagar under North & Middle Andaman district. Her educational qualification is 8th pass. Her husband is doing agriculture with small land (approximately 2 acre). She is staying in joint family of five members.

She is regularly visiting ICAR-KVK, N&M Andaman district for guidance and developed interest on mini incubator as there was crisis for availability of chicks in Nimbudera, N&M Andaman. She had undergone training on operation of mini incubator at Partnering institute of ICAR-KVK, N&M Andaman. After attending training and gaining confidence, a demonstration unit of mini incubator was established in her field. She is utilizing the demonstration unit for hatching of desi chicks and during the last six month she could able to hatched out a total of 52 batches of eggs and 35 farmers have been benefitted in this remote area. Farmers bring desi poultry and duck eggs and use this mini incubator as incubation facility. She is charging Rs.20 per chick/duckling as hatching cost. Through this service, she is earning a net income of Rs. 4500 per month.

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Mushroom cultivation----A farmer converts wastes into nutritious food

The prevailing warm humid climatic conditions of Andaman Islands with high rainfall (about 3000mm) with temperature range of 20-35° C highly favor the cultivation of three types of mushroom species viz., Pleurotus spp (oyster mushroom), Calocybe sp (milky mushroom) and Volveriella sp. (paddy straw mushroom). In order to promote mushroom cultivation in these islands ICAR-CIARI, Port Blair has initiated a project under AICRP. An enterprising farmer from Calicut, South Andaman Mr. Boopalan, was supported with materials and given personal training to begin the activity.He was advised to prepare a thatched shed for oyster mushroom cultivation by Mr.Sakthivel, Scientist, ICAR-CIARI who supervised the technology transfer. He also given demonstration on substrate and mushroom bed preparation later the farmer was supplied with spawn of Pleurotus florida for bed preparation.

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Dedication leads to development: A success story of women farmer

The coastal areas of Andmans suffers from the salinity, water logging and sea water inundation making life and livelihood difficult as in the case of Dashrathpur village, Rangat block, Middle Andaman. After tsunami the constrains for agricultural acivities have multiplied and farmers were left with limited choice and hard labour. This is more worst for Smt. Anjali Sardar w/o Shri.Umesh Sardar of Dashrathpur village. She was left alone after the 2004 Tsunami had wiped out her limited resources and the land become saline and water logged. She survived by rearing goats and putting hard labour in other field. She has been lend a hand by National Agricltural Innovation Project under which a broad bed and furrow system was made in her field in 2011 to help her to begin a new life.

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