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Success Stories

Last updated: on 05thFeb, 2019


Mushroom cultivation----A farmer converts wastes into nutritious food

The prevailing warm humid climatic conditions of Andaman Islands with high rainfall (about 3000mm) with temperature range of 20-35° C highly favor the cultivation of three types of mushroom species viz., Pleurotus spp (oyster mushroom), Calocybe sp (milky mushroom) and Volveriella sp. (paddy straw mushroom). In order to promote mushroom cultivation in these islands ICAR-CIARI, Port Blair has initiated a project under AICRP. An enterprising farmer from Calicut, South Andaman Mr. Boopalan, was supported with materials and given personal training to begin the activity.He was advised to prepare a thatched shed for oyster mushroom cultivation by Mr.Sakthivel, Scientist, ICAR-CIARI who supervised the technology transfer. He also given demonstration on substrate and mushroom bed preparation later the farmer was supplied with spawn of Pleurotus florida for bed preparation.

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Dedication leads to development: A success story of women farmer

The coastal areas of Andmans suffers from the salinity, water logging and sea water inundation making life and livelihood difficult as in the case of Dashrathpur village, Rangat block, Middle Andaman. After tsunami the constrains for agricultural acivities have multiplied and farmers were left with limited choice and hard labour. This is more worst for Smt. Anjali Sardar w/o Shri.Umesh Sardar of Dashrathpur village. She was left alone after the 2004 Tsunami had wiped out her limited resources and the land become saline and water logged. She survived by rearing goats and putting hard labour in other field. She has been lend a hand by National Agricltural Innovation Project under which a broad bed and furrow system was made in her field in 2011 to help her to begin a new life.

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