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Central Island Agriculture Research Institute

Rajya Sabha Question No.2560 dated 24/03/2022 regarding "Functioning of Youth Commission".
(c) Whether Government would reach out to the youth who make inventions in the country and organize national level workshops to capacitate youth with exceptional skills?"


Reply: ICAR-CIARI, Port Blair is conducting regular programmes viz. awareness, interaction meeting, field day, demonstration etc. under the Capacity building programme for the farmers, rural youth, urban youth, women including the tribal communities for identification of the problems, its solution and thereby dissemination to the end users. In addition, ICAR-CIARI also provides platform to the aspiring youths and stakeholders to start entrepreneurship on different agriculture and allied activities through start up programme, innovator farmers meet, custodian farmers meet etc. It is proposed to continue and conduct such programmes for the benefit of the rural and urban youth.