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Central Island Agriculture Research Institute
Important Announcements:
150th Birth Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi

National Horticulture Fair-2021

About the Institute

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REALIZING the importance of Island agriculture to meet the requirements of local population and tourists, Indian Council of Agricultural research (ICAR) established Central Island Agricultural Research Institute, Port Blair on June 23rd, 1978 by merging different regional research stations of ICAR institutes located in Islands. The ultimate aim of CIARI is the developments of island agricultural production technologies which utilizes the strengths of the island and convert the constraints in opportunities, without causing any ill effect to the fragile ecosystem of the island.

The institute has made tremendous progress in the agriculture development of the islands during the last three decades. Keeping in view the natural resources of the islands diversity, fragile ecosystem, research program would be designed to maximize the productivity without disturbing to the islands ecosystem to provide better and decent livelihood and as a source of revenue and resource generation. Research and development in agriculture sector should cover all disciplines in order to have a balanced progress in all disciplines for the overall benefits of the farmers of these islands.

Success Stories
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ICAR-CIARI, KVK Nimbudera celebrates National Science Day
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ICAR-CIARI Concludes fish species training programme
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Launching of NABARD Floriculture project
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Launching of NABARD project & distribution of planting material for speciality flowers
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National Horticulture Fair 2020-2021