Central Island Agriculture Research Institute
Important Announcements:
150th Birth Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi

Technologies Demonstrated

  • Broad Bed & Furrow system(BBF), Paddy-fish system, 3 tier farming, paired BBF, pond for fish culture, drip irrigation, integrated farming system and groundnut cultivation under coconut plantations technologies were transferred to farmers through demonstration under NAIP and FPAR
  • Demonstrated rain water harvesting structures for multiple use of water in tribal farmers' field
  • New high yielding varieties of poi (CARI Poi Selection) and Broad Dhaniya (CARI Broad Dhaniya) were demonstrated at farmer's field
  • Transferred four varieties of Noni ( Morinda citrifolia L.) CARI Samridhi, CARI Sanjivini, CARI Sampada and CARI Rakshak) to Noni growers in South Andaman
  • Rain shelter cauliflower technology for rainy season was demonstrated at South Andaman
  • Raised bed technology for leafy vegetables (palak) for multi-cutting was transferre
  • Demonstrated organic ginger production under Coconut plantation in South Andaman
  • Demonstrated tuber crops production in South, North and Middle Andaman and Car Nicobar.
  • Twenty quintal truthfully labelled seed of rice varieties were produced and distributed to farmers/ stakeholders.
  • Fourty quintal truthfully labelled seed of 7 rice varieties were produced under Farmers participatory seed production at Diglipur.
  • Fifty five kg Breeder seed of rice varieties were supplied to Directorate of Agriculture, A&N Administration for multiplication
  • Seed of the high yielding pulse varieties were provided for demonstration among the farmers of North & Middle Andaman, Little Andaman, South Andaman, Car Nicobar and Campbell Bay island
  • 4500 seedlings and 425g seeds of CARI Brinjal1 were provided for demonstration to the farmers of South, North & Middle Andaman and Nicobar distric
  • IPM modules have been developed for the successful mana gement of okra fruit and shoot borer and cucurbit fruit fly.
  • Technology on rodent management in paddy w as demonstrated in farmer's field of South and North Andaman and transferred.
  • Demonstrated quality protein maize hybrid (HQPM-1) at Car Nicobar, maize hybrid ( DHM117) and baby corn hybrid (HM4) at South Andaman
  • Transferred technology on improved Nicobari crosses for backyard farming
  • Transferred potential fishing zone advisories and validation for increased fish catch and reduced scouting time
  • Peking cross duck under backyard at Diglipur , North & Middle Andaman were transferred
  • Satellite Nursery for fresh water fishes at Diglipur, North & Middle Andaman were demonstrated.