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last updated 31stJul, 2019

Krishi Vigyan Kendra (KVK), North and Middle Andaman was established in 2012 .It comes under ATARI Zone – II, Kolkata under the administrative control of Central Island Agricultural Research Institute (CIARI), Port Blair.The prime goal of KVK Nimbudera is to accelerate agricultural and allied production in the north and middle Andaman besides imparting training as per needs and requirements of the farmers, farm women and rural youths including school drop-outs for entrepreneurship development and women empowerment . “Teaching by doing” and “learning by doing” through work experience is the principle methods of imparting skill & training programmes. The mandate of the institution is imparting vocational training to the practicing farmers including, farm women, youth and extension functionaries in improved technologies in the field of agriculture, horticulture, animal husbandry, fisheries ,home science and other allied enterprises. It has additional responsibilities of testing and refining the developed technologies and also to conduct front line demonstrations of new technologies in the farmer’s field.


  • Conducting "On farm testing" for identifying technologies in terms of location specific sustainable land use system.
  • Organize trainings to update the extension personnel with emerging advance in Agriculture Research on regular basis.
  • Organise short and long term vocational training courses in agriculture and allied vocations for the farmers and rural with emphasis on "learning by doing" for higher production on framers field and self employment generation.
  • Organize Front line demonstration (FLD) on various crops to generate production data and feed back information.


Training for Target Group (s)

The KVK was started functioning from december 2014.During the year 2014-15 a total number of 16 training programmes (vocational) were conducted by the SMS of Agronomy/Extension, Fisheries, Horticulture, Animal Sciences, Home Science, Farm agro forestry and Agricultural Engineering faculties.The major target groups of training were farmers (198), farm women (152) and rural youth (66) for up scaling their knowledge and skills. The training programmes were conducted with the involvement of the Scientists of CIARI and officials of the Development Departments of A&N Administration, to devolve an integrated and holistic approach. While imparting the training, the principles of ‘Teaching by doing’ and ‘Learning by doing’ were thoroughly followed with an objective to have a desirable change in knowledge, skill and attitude improvements. The major training programmes undertaken by the respective faculties were on MAT nursery and SRI methods on paddy, oilseeds and pulses production technology, nursery raising techniques, plant propagation methods, traditional and non-traditional vegetable cultivation methods, multi-tier cropping system methods, backyard poultry farming practices, goatery, piggery, duck farming, fodder cultivation, composite fish culture, integrated fish farming, nutrition and health of women and children.

Staff Profile

S.No. Name & Designation Contact No. Email
1 Dr.B.L.Kasinath
Senior Scientist & Head
2 Dr. Pooja Kapoor
SMS (Home Science)
9933235048 poojakapoor.kvk@gmail.com
3 Er. Manoj Kumar
SMS (Agri. Engineering)
9434292335 manojwarm@gmail.com
4 Shri Debabrata Basantia
SMS (Horticulture)
9434263148 debabratabasantia62@gmail.com
5 Shri Batti Lal Meena
SMS (Agronomy)
9531811006 meena_batti@rediffmail.com
6 Dr. Shardul Vikram Lal
SMS (Animal Science)
9531801728 shardullal84@gmail.com
7 Dr. Shailesh Kumar
SMS (Fisheries Science)
9531874199 fishcoshail@gmail.com
8 Shri Tanmai Paul
Farm Manager
9531822945 tanuagri1986@gmail.com
9 Shri Prasanta Pradhan
Programme Asst.(Computer)
9434268149 prasant.pradhan@gmail.com
10 Ravish Kataria
9474278072 ravish4637@gmail.com
11 Sunderam
9933268467 sunderam.1988@gmail.com

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